National Agriculture Market (e-NAM)

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  • Facility of online e-auction and e-trading of 193 Agriculture commodities with real time information on trade and price.
  • 1000 APMCs, 2 lakh Traders, 1 lakh Commission agent, 1971 FPOs and 2 crore Farmers linked at one platform for Agro-Business on e-NAM.
  • Provides unified national market for Agriculture commodities.
  • Farmer gets ease of selling, testing and logistics needed for selling commodities at good price.
  • APMC, Traders will benefit as there will be greater competition for specific produce.
  • Purchase and sale from within the state or other state.
  • 18 States and 3UTs (Union territories) are connected presently.
  • Application e-NAM is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
Customer Care
  • e-NAM Help Desk Number :-
    • 18002700224.
    • 011 26862367.
  • e-NAM Email Id-
Overview of the Scheme
Name of Scheme National Agriculture Market (e-NAM)
Launched on 14 July 2022.
  • Farmers.
  • Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC).
  • Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO).
  • Traders.
  • Buyers and Sellers.
  • e-Auction of Agriculture Commodities.
  • e-Trading of Agriculture Commodities.
  • Quality Testing (Assaying).
  • Warehouse Facility.
  • Online Payment Facility.
Nodal Agency Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.
Implementing Agency Small Farmers Agri-Business Consortium (SFAC).
Mode of Application Online Registration through Mobile App or e-NAM Portal.


  • e-Nam portal is an online agriculture business portal launched by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare.
  • It is implemented by Small Farmers' Agri-Business Consortium (SFAC).
  • It is designed keeping in mind the benefits of farmers who generally are paid way less for their produce.
  • It helps to promote stable prices and availability of quality produce to consumer.
  • It brings the producer and buyers of agriculture commodities to one online platform, making it easier for both to have right price of commodities without interference of mediators.
  • It strengthens the Prime Minister's vision towards 'Ease of Doing Business' and provides 'One Nation One Agriculture Market' concept.
  • It is a pan-India Electronic Trading Portal for Agriculture commodities which links Farmers, Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC), Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO), Traders, Agents and Logistics together for better Agro-Business.
  • It will make a national network of Mandi's where a buyer from anywhere in India can purchase agriculture commodities from anyplace in India directly.
  • It provides real time information on trade and price to promote better marketing opportunities.
  • Farmer and traders both gets an extended market to choose from, according to their interest .
  • It will help farmers to get the right price of their produce and even better pricing by assaying the quality of their produce.
  • Assaying facility helps to set the quality status of agricultural commodities. It helps farmer to gain good profit and traders to get good quality products.
  • Currently 193 Agricultural commodities are traded under e-NAM, standard quality specifications for commodity are defined they need to be determined and certified through testing.
  • Assaying is free of cost, Quality Assaying Lab is requisite for Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC), that accesses and certify the quality of produce.
  • Without assaying farmer may get a lower price hence assaying is recommended but it's not compulsory.
  • E-NAM provides free training to stakeholders i.e. farmers, FPOs, traders, commission agents and mandi officials etc.
  • Integration of e-NAM with e-portals like Kisan rath, Kisan suvidha, Umang and Agmarknet has been done.

Benefits to Farmers

  • Farmers can auction their product, can see live bid rate and get best price for their produce. It is especially designed to improve financial condition of farmers.
  • They can choose any Mandi within 100 km range to sell their produce.
  • If they don't want to sell their produce at low price they can store it in warehouse and can sell it later. Farmer can take electronic Warehouse Receipt and can sell their produce through it on e-NAM.
  • Cheap and nearest Truck or Tractor can be available to them through Logistic module.
  • Free assaying of their produce at APMC assaying labs to determine the quality standard of commodity. It helps get better price on sale.
  • Farmer can sell their produce in more than one market.
  • Online payment gateway is available for transfer of bid value directly to bank account of farmer.
  • Facility of pre-registration of lot is available to facilitate quick gate entry during peak season.
  • Online transactions of payment is received from bank in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Function related to Gate entry, Quality assaying, Lot management, Weighing, Agreement and sale bill generation, online payment and Gate exit is available only on desktop and laptop.

Benefits to APMC, FPO and Traders

  • Reduced transaction cost by buyers.
  • Transparent online trade with enhanced accessibility to market.
  • Availability of information about commodity prices.
  • Details of price commodity sold along with quantity and quality.
  • Quality certificate.
  • Online payment facility.
  • Single license for trading across all markets in a state.
  • Easier norms for obtaining trading licenses.
  • Improved supply chain, Warehouse based sales.

How to register on e-NAM?


  • Open the link and click on registration link or open directly.
  • Select Registration Type as "Farmer" and select desired APMC
  • Enter your Personal details, Bank Details and Upload the needed documents (passbook image, Identity proof and photo).
  • Make sure correct email ID is mentioned as future correspondence from eNAM will be sent on same Email ID.
  • Once successfully registered you will receive a temporary Login ID and Password on email.
  • Login to the Dashboard by clicking icon on through the system.
  • User will find a Flashing Message on the Dashboard as: "Click here to register with APMC".
  • Click on the Flashing Link which will redirect you to Registration Page for filling/updating details.
  • It will be sent for Approval to your selected APMC after KYC is completed.
  • After Successful Login to your Dashboard you will be able to see all APMC address details.
  • After Successful Submission user will receive an e-mail confirming the submission of application to concerned APMC with status of the Application as Submitted/In progress—approved—rejected.
  • Once approved by APMC, you will receive eNAM Farmer Permanent Login ID and Password for complete access on e-NAM platform on the registered e-mail id.
  • Or you can contact to your respective Mandi/APMC for the same.
  • Similarly FPOs, Mandi Board and Logistics can register via website or mobile app by providing their Personal and Bank details with documents to upload.

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Contact Details

  • e-NAM Help Desk Number :-
    • 18002700224.
    • 011 26862367.
  • e-NAM Email Id-
  • Small Farmer's Agri-Business Consortium,
    NCUI Auditorium Building, 5th Floor,
    3, Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg,
    Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016.


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