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  • Farmer's can used their unproductive or irrigated lands for installation of solar power plant.
  • You will get a subsidy of 30% each from state and central government.
  • Farmers can sell the generated electricity to the DISCOMs and earn 60,000-1,00,000 Rs per year.
  • With this farmer can produce electricity, irrigate their lands, get financial help and promote renewable energy sources.
Customer Care
  • PM KUSUM Scheme Toll Free number: 1800-180-3333
  • PM KUSUM Scheme Helpdesk Email:
Overview of the Scheme
Name of the Scheme Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana
Launch Year 2019
Benefits To ensure energy security for Indian farmers.
Beneficiary Indian Farmers
Nodal Department Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Subscription Subscribe here to get Update Regarding Scheme
Mode of Apply PM KUSUM Application can be submitted online.


  • There are many farmers in our nation who have unused or barren land which are not reproductive.
  • Seeking this problem, the Indian Government has come up with an idea of installation of solar power plants in such lands.
  • And on 2019, the central government has announced PM KUSUM scheme.
  • Primarily, this scheme is worked on two verticals, first you can install a solar power plant and sell the generated electricity to the DISCOMs or you can lease the land and earn rent from.
    • Secondly, you can install a solar pump for your irrigation purpose and rest of the electricity can be used for households or you can sell it to the DISCOMs.
  • Under this scheme, farmers who have barren, marshy or lands in off grid area may install a solar power plants.
  • Such solar power plants can be installed by the farmers itself or they can lease their lands to the developers.
  • Farmer's can sell the electricity generated from solar power plant to DISCOMs and earn 60,000 to 1 lakhs rupees per year for the next 25 years.
  • Meanwhile, farmers can also install a set up of solar agriculture pump up to 7.5 hp to meet their irrigation needs especially in off grid areas.
  • Central and state government will provide a subsidy of 30% each of the total cost.
  • Whereas, the rest 40% of the total cost can be avail as a loan from the bank for a duration of 30 years.
  • This solar pump can replace your conventional diesel generator and the amount the amount that would have been used for diesel can be used for loan repayment.
  • By this, you can easily repay your loan in the next 5-6 years.
  • Farmers can easily apply for the PM KUSUM Yojana online from the Ministry of New and renewable energy.
  • By March 2026, the government aim to add 34,800 MW and for this they are likely to provide 34,422 Cr financial support.

Benefits of Scheme

  • With the help of the PM-KUSUM Scheme, the government aims to promote the use of renewable energy sources, especially solar power. 
  • For this, the government will provide the subsidy and incentives for the installation of solar pumps and other technologies based on it. By doing this, we can mitigate climate change and contribute towards a sustainable environment.
  • Additionally, it also empowers farmers to generate their own electricity for agricultural and household purposes.
  • It enables farmers to irrigate their fields even if they are in the off grid region.
  • PM KUSUM scheme is divided into three components and open for all farmers as per the guidelines issued by the government.
    Component A Component B Component C
    Under this, the farmer/ Developer/ Cooperative/ Panchayats/ Farmer Producer can install a 10,000 MW Solar Plant. Under this, the individual farmers can install a stand-alone solar agriculture pumps in off-grid area. Under this, the 35 lakh grid connected agriculture pumps will be solarised through Individual Pump and Feeder Level Solarisation.
    This solar plant shall be Ground or Stilt Mounted. For this, the farmers are supported to install stand-alone pump up to 7.5 hp capacity for the replacement of existed diesel pump. Individual farmers who have grid connected agriculture pump will be supported.
    State and centre will not provide any assistance under this. However, you can sell your generated electricity to the DISCOMs. Under this, you can avail a subsidy of 30% each from centre and state. Whereas rest 40% would be provided by the farmers.

    Central will provide a subsidy of 30% (up to 50% for NER/Hilly/islands).

    Whereas, the bank may provide loan of up to 70% of the cost.

    States are free to provide additional subsidy to reduce the farmer contribution.

    A maximum of 500 KW to 2 MW Renewable Power Generator can be setup in Barren/ Fallow/ Pasture/ Marshy/ Cultivable Land of Farmers. However, you can install a pump more than the given capacity but the financial support is limit to 7.5 hp. Such farmers can use the generated solar power for their irrigation needs and the excess generated power can be sold to DISCOM at fixed tariff rate.
    As of 31 Jan 2024, 4766 solar capacity sanction and 165.28 capacity installed As of 31 Jan 2024, 1294787 standalone pumps sanctioned out of which 285823 pumps were installed. As of 31 Jan 2024, 161204 IPS sanctioned out of which 2117 IPS were installed. Whereas, 3376466 Feeder level pump sanctioned and 5267 were successfully installed.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Farmers must have their own land.
  • Priority will be given to those who have land in rural areas, off grid areas, and one who have sufficient land for its installation.
  • Your land must be within 5 km radius of electric sub station.

Documents Required

  • Before submitting the application for PM KUSUM, the beneficiary must keep a list of documents which are given as:
    • Farmer land documents
    • Lease Agreement (If any)
    • Bank Account Details
    • Khasra Khatauni Number
    • Address Proof
    • Passport Size photograph
    • Self Declaration Letter
    • GST registration certificate
    • Identification Proof of the applicant
      • Aadhaar Card
      • Voter ID
      • PAN Card
      • Driver License

How to apply

  • Eligible and interested farmers may apply for the PM KUSUM Scheme online.
  • To submit the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthan Mahabhiyan scheme application online, you have to visit their official website first.
  • Under the about scheme, you will get the state wise application link for PM KUSUM.
  • After reaching to the portal, the beneficiary have to first choose the option from whether they want to lease their land or interested in solar agriculture pumps.
  • Fill all the details asked in the respective application form and also upload the necessary documents.
  • Review the application form before its final submission.
  • Post submission, you will receive a successfully registration message with its details (like registration number).

Important Link

Contact Details

  • PM KUSUM Scheme Toll Free number: 1800-180-3333
  • PM KUSUM Scheme Helpdesk Email:
  • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy,
    • Atal Akshay Urja Bhawan, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003, India.
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